Victoria’s Secret U Plunge Push Up Bra


The Victoria Secret U plunge push up bra is my second favorite rack holder I have ever owned. When I am not with clients I have a tendency to wear some chest exposing tops and dresses, but found what I ended up exposing was more bra than tata. Then this sweet baby walked into my life. I first saw the u-plunge style on my Australia friend last year and have been looking for an in store purchase of one since – I could only find it online.

I am a fan of Vicotria’s Secret’s products, but I a not a fan of their customer service. I had to ask three different associates before one knew where to find my size in their back stock. One of them didn’t even realize they had a back stock.

Speaking of size, I recommend getting a cup size smaller if you plan to really take advantage of the no show look. I am a 36 C and I went for the 36 B because the bra can ride up a smidge and defeat the purpose of having a secret bra.

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    November 20, 2012 / 8:41 pm

    Thanks great info on the size change~

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