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Product Review: Crocs Boots


Crocs brand shoes are comfortable. It is this comfort that has made Crocs a frequently worn shoe by the people I pass on the street. This comfort has also inspired many a tug of war with my clients. They want to keep their Crocs and I don’t want them to keep them.  I always tell my clients, I don’t care how comfortable it is, if you want to feel attractive, don’t wear it, but there is something else I tell my clients… I don’t care how attractive it is, if it is not comfortable don’t wear it. These seemingly opposing rules can limit one’s wardrobe.

Crocs has realized the desire for both comfort and style, inspiring them to produce more stylish versions of the Croc comfort. Feeling confident in their union of function and fabulous, they asked this personal stylist to review two of their boots.

I was shipped the Berryessa Buckle boot in black and CozyCrocs Fuzz Bootie. The black Berryessa boot is a cute and clean looking shoe to keep you absolutely warm in the cold days of winter; although, I wish the toe didn’t have a slight resemblance to a duck’s bill with its round shape and width. Besides that hiccup, this casual boot will look terrific with skinny leg jeans/pants as well as leggings. It’s last perk you saw coming… mother of god, it is cozy and comfortable. I feel like I could walk for miles in this cloud of a shoe. It even has an ergonomic symbol on the shoe box. The box also says it resists odors, which is great because there such an abundance of soft fur inside these shoes, I have not nor do I plan to wear socks with either of these shoes.


As for the Cozy Crocs fuzz bootie, I am torn because they are absolutely ridiculous looking in the best way. I used them last week for an avant garde elf costume, pictured above. I don’t feel comfortable recommending them in a fashion forward or elegant light, but I want to recommend them for their freakish amount of warmth and for being one of the best fur encased boot on the market. Seriously, if you going to get a furry boot, this is a cute one. I also have money on the fact that there isn’t a furry boot more comfortable and warm than this one. As you can tell I was wearing next to nothing on that freezing night and I was sweating profusely, profusely I tell you.

In summary, hats off to Crocs for helping me with extremely comfortable products that have style.

My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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  1. I have the Cozycrocs Fuzz Booties in BOTH colors because I’m obsessed with how warm and comfortable they are. I mainly wear them with skinny jeans or leggings. It’s hard to find a coat that doesn’t look stupid with them, but I’ve found plenty of tops and bottoms that look super cute with them. 🙂

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