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How To Create The Hoaglund New York Combination

Hoaglund shoes

Now that the winners have been announced in a previous post, here are the reasons behind the winning combination of the Hoaglund New York dress…

Shoe A: This pointy toed, ankle strap heel is a bit dated (90’s) for this 20’s inspired dress. Also, the jewel does not flow with the jewel on the dress.

Shoe C: Too hard, edgy and clunky for this soft dress.

Shoe D: A white shoe should never go with a white dress… screams bad wedding.

Winner – Shoe B: The modern, yet sleek Enzo Angiolini ‘Torrez’ Pump takes this dress to its fashion forward potential.

Hoaglund purses
Purse B: Too matchy matchy even if it was the correct shade of white.

Purse C: This leather purse is too casual for this crushed velvet dress.

Purse D: Too hard a look for the elegance of this dress.

Winner – Purse A: This Stuart Weitzman clutch was chosen to mimic the line of the black strip across the waist and to bring out the black detailing of the dress. We have enough white.

Hoaglund cover ups
Cover-up A: The silver blazer takes away from the black and white drama. You may think that just black and white might be too dull, warranting another shade, but the crushed velvet and detailing of the shoes calls for something soft and bold, not structured and silver.

Cover-up B: The white is too white again. We want to distinguish between the dress and the cover-up.

Cover-up C: Although a fun choice, the hem of the jacket hits in the middle of the dress’ draping to create an unflattering point in the torso. It will create the illusion of more weight at the belly. No one wants that.

Cover-up D: The hem and feathers of this Adrienne Landau compliments the torso as well as the chosen shoe. It also stays in line with the softness and elegance of the dress, but still pushes it to an edgy level of fashion.

Hoaglund winner

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