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Product Review: Ecoutrement’s Eco-Friendly Clutches


When it comes to what I wear and what I recommend to my clients my first priority is style and flattery. Is this garment or piece unique, timeless and modern? Does it highlight your best features and downplay your less desirable areas?

Once those questions are answered I move on to other values like price and environmental impact. The point I am making: If I see two fantastic purses and one is environmentally sound and the other is not guess which one I choose?

Before this decade that choice didn’t really exist. Often you had to choose style over the environment or vice versa. Thankfully choosing between a stylish item that is better for your earth and the stylish item that is not is a more frequent occurrence. More and more companies are bridging the gap between high style and earth friendly and I am so excited to report to you that you now have a website that is bringing many of those companies together for a one stop shop.


Ecoutrement.com was founded upon the belief that you don’t have to compromise the environment in order to look fabulous. Focusing solely on accessories, Ecoutrement sells handbags, jewelry, and other accessories that are 100% environmentally responsible. Whether the products are fair trade, organic, made from recycled or reclaimed materials, or produced using environmentally ethical standards, you can be assured that they are respecting the environment and helping to sustain natural resources with every purchase. Ecoutrement even utilizes the most environmentally friendly packaging and shipping materials when possible, and all jewelry comes in eco-friendly, reusable drawstring pouches for safekeeping.

After I was browsing the site, I was excited to check out their products. I was sent two clutches, one from Beth Springer ($143), the other from Refind ($75). I am truly impressed with the style and quality. I know the price is a bit high for those of you used to spending $50 or less on bags, but I believe the benefit is worth it.

So before heading to the mall for your next accessories purchase check out this website first and see if there is anything that catches your eye. Right now there is not a ton of stock, but I am loving their clutch collection and some of those jewelry pieces.


My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.


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