I adore leggings. The comfort and flattering silhouette it creates is enough to have two drawers full… at least in my house. Particularly with the cold weather trying to show its face, I am stocking up and helping my clients find the best legging for their fall needs. 

One brand I often recommend to my clients is Hue, so I was not unfamiliar with the line when Hues’s PR company sent me their corduroy leggings to review on V-Style. Perfect for the cold seasons, Hue’s corduroy legging is a fabulous way to mix up your usual legging look. With a faux zipper and pockets in the front and real pockets in the back, you get a pant look that has the slimming lines of no pockets and the utility of the back compartments. 

The only issue is the green shade of the legging. All the other colors can work with your wardrobe, but their green corduroy legging reminds me of seventies furniture mixed with poo. Stick with the brown or grey version and you will have a solid corduroy look.

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