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Ann Taylor Fashion Week: Real Fashion, Real People

ann taylor fashion week

There are so many aspects of fashion that is ill-timed. Pea Coats being sold on sunny days, bathing suits being bought in the snow and, of course, fashion week. Watching fur walk down the runway while you sit in a silk tank just seems odd. It’s a vicious circle of jealous. There you sit, sweating in a sexy printed skirt craving that stunning brand new scarf, but no, you have to wait to wear it and by then you may or may not be into it.

Last week, Ann Taylor decided to do something about that. During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Ann Taylor skipped professional gangly models and looked in house for their runway bodies. Each model was an employee of Ann Taylor in a “See Now, Wear Now” fashion show at their flag ship store on Madison Avenue. The styles seen on the runway included those for Fall and Holiday 2010 rather than Spring 2011, the standard for Fashion Week exhibitions.

Although I wasn’t there to see the proof, I am sure the attendees were delighted by the unique approach on the runway: today’s fashion on real women. I know I would have been.

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3 Responses

  1. Jennifer Jones says:

    Don’t get too excited about this. I’m an insider and there was much debate about this. The Director of Stores was dead set against this, joking about how difficult it would be given the current state of the employee base at Ann Taylor. He’s afterall, the one who gave direction only hire tall, blond and no more than a size six! If you work here, you’ll know that this has to be THE most hypocritical move ever!!

  2. Seriously?? This from a company who is actively terminating everyone who doesn’t fit “the brand”?? Look at their website and you will see what “the brand” looks like and if you don’t meet that criteria, you’re out!!

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