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Product Review – Mascara & Liquid Liner By Lashfood


When I attended one of the Gifting Suites for the recent Oscars I was given a variety of products to try out from a handful of companies. One of those products was mascara and eyeliner by Lashfood. As you may already know, the Lashfood brand is an eyelash conditioning system that claims to have zero side effects like other eyelash growth products. 

I have been using the mascara at least every other day for over a month and I have used the eye liner about five times. I am a huge fan. As you know from my other mascara posts I am hard to please. Mascara is a staple for me and a constant hassle to find the perfect one. Hence my joy at this discovery. Their mascara doesn't clump or bunch my lashes together even after a couple coats. They lengthen my lashes, divide them and make them look fuller – although a natural looking fullness. I prefer that, but I know many women prefer a faker thickish look. So, I am not sure of those women will like this.

As for the growth factor, it does look like I have longer lashes and more of them, but it is a subtle difference. 

The one con of this product is the difficulty of removing it. It is seriously hard to remove. It comes off in chunks and litters your face with giant flakes and partial tube shapes. I have actually lost a couple eyelashes trying to take off this mascara when I used ponds make-up remover. I find the soaked eye make-up remover pads work better. Just be careful. And get ready to have black chunks all over your cheeks if you take a shower without removing it first.

As for the Lashfood liquid eye liner. I adore it. It is so smooth to put on: the brush is the perfect size and distributes the liner incredibly well. I usually hate liquid liner because of my darn paw like hands. I end up screaming at the liner and wiping it all off. This Lashfood liner is so easy – it has to be the brush. It also dries quickly enough and is very easy to remove, by the way. 


My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it. 

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