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Product Review – Red Engine Denim in Cayenne Fit

125 Sapphire Photos courtesy of Mytruefit.com

This month I am reviewing the Long & Lean, Low Rise, Super Stretch, Skinny Leg in the Cayenne fit of Red Engine Denim. A mouth full, but you need to know each detail because they matter. For emphasis, I was sent two pairs of this Cayenne skinny leg, one was a true blue wash in the Super Stretch while one was a dark blue wash without the stretch. I prefer the super stretch. The standard denim is a little roomy in the knee and calf area for me. 

This Long & Lean, Low Rise, Super Stretch, Skinny Leg in the Cayenne fit in the sapphire wash (whew!) is the perfect casual jean for me. I mean perfect, and comfortable! I was so excited when I got my legs into the lightweight fabric. I am not a fan of thick or stiff denim.  

They are so soft and close to my body that they almost feel like leggings in the best sense of the word. I would say these are a great alternative to the popular jeggings (jean leggings). Jeggings seem too tight and thin for most people. These Red Engine Super Stretch, Cayenne fit gives you all that closeness of jeggings without revealing skin imperfections and being tight. It’s actually puzzling, how these jeans don’t feel tight while sticking to me is a personal mystery. 

125 Sapphire bk 


I find that this stretchiness would enable many body types to partake in it without risk of love handles or gaping, not just my body type of a larger waist, medium sized hips, and thin legs. However, I recommend buying a size smaller then you are because the stretch aspect of the jean. So if you usually buy a 28 inch in stiff denim, get a 27 inch in the super stretch.

For those with a hefty calf, the slimness and hugging aspect of this denim on that area may not be desirable (no matter the size you get, it will hug your calves). When we wear something tight enough to show the shape of our calf we must then wear a longer top or tunic to balance the look. We generally buy denim to go with most of our tops, not just our long ones. Average sized calves or smaller won’t need to worry.

As for the super stretch claims of not stretching out, these jeans do stretch out a little, but thankfully not a lot. So although it is not 100% true, I was pleased that I could wear them many times without the sagging and bagging of other jeans. 

My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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