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Professional Wardrobe Stylist Tips & Secrets

If your computer is slow, you go to an IT person. If your car makes funny sounds, you go to a mechanic. If you are getting dressed, you come to me. Sometimes you need a professional, other times their advice is enough to get you through the predicament. Every professional has their secrets, here are mine.

1) Topstick

You know that fashion tape for sale in fashion retailers? From boutiques to Nordstrom, there it sits… fashionable, sticky, overpriced tape. Some don’t even actually work. You want to secure your neckline, tape down that extra belt flap, or keep your bra strap from peaking out from under that tank top strap? Use Topstick, otherwise known as toupee tape. It doesn’t irritate your skin, it holds strongly, and peals off easily. You can also cut it to your needs. For instance, you only need a little tape to hold a skinny belt.

2) Miss Oops Dry Sponge

This will take off any deodorant stains, baby powder and other clothing marks. You don’t need to wet it, just brush it across the mark.

3) Nude Breast Petals

Skip the thick silicone and strapless bras. If you don’t need a big lift, just use standard breast petals. Apply by pushing with the center pad of the petal and then press down a little at a time using your pointer finger. Make sure that once you press down one section, the next portion to press down should be directly across from it, not next to it – similar to tightening the bolts on a car tire. This will prevent unevenness and puckering of the petal.

4) Neosporin/Vaseline

If you are having issues putting an earring into its intended ear hole, lube the post with Vaseline or Neosporin. The earring will just slip right it. One caution for Neosporin, don’t overuse it, otherwise your body will rely on it and not fight germs on its own. Best to use Neosporin only once if your piercing is infected. The rest of the time, use Vaseline.

5) Seam Ripper

I know this is obvious, but so many people use scissors when they should be using a seam ripper. You should always have one handy for cutting out the thread that attaches the hanger strings and itchy labels to the garment. By using a seam ripper instead of scissors, there is no residue tag or string to poke and prod inside your clothing. One tip though, sometimes a tag is sewn into the seam utilizing the same thread that closed the seam. This means if you seam rip the tag out, you also open up the seam – this is bad. Look at how the tag or string is attached so you are not creating holes in your clothes.

Apologies for the video blog mishaps… this is my first.

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  1. What a great video! I really enjoyed it and you are such a natural in front of the camera.

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