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Oliver Tolentino Fashion Show in San Diego

San Diego Women’s Week involved many a lecture and culminated with a recycled fashions fashion show and the glamorous showing of Oliver Tolentinto’s Spring line. Both displays radiated with expertise and infectious energy.

The evening began with clothing made from recycled materials including 1984’s should pads and VHS tapes, soda pop tops, retail bags, wine corks, and bus tickets. The construction of said materials astonished all. There were at least two outfits that could be worn in public without anyone the wiser of its origins.

When the humor and awe of the recycled show gave way to the grandeur of Oliver Tolentino, the crowd knew they were getting more bang from their bucks. Tolentino’s expansive line ranged from cheesy Barbie prom (not my cup o tea) to impeccable elegance (be still my heart), with each side of the range constructed beautifully and worn by vivacious models. The showmanship of said women sporting Tolentino’s designs had the crowd in a tizzy. I have never seen models incite more hubbub from a crowd. I caught two women behind me yelling, “Oh lordy!” When one of the models threw a little pump in her step to the correct beat of music and swirl of her skirt. They were not alone in their passionate response. Throughout the entire show, the crowd would explode in unison with murmurs, oohs and ahhs at the model’s subtle request.

As for the designs, I had too many favorites to name. The pictures included in this post are the best quality of my shots and does not accurately display the fabulousness of the collection and show.


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