In the past Rachel Bilson has been famous for her role on The O.C., but these days Bilson is making headlines for her fashion choices and expertise. From red carpet garbs to her Fashion Therapy Column in InStyle Magazine, fashion seems to be Rachel’s new gig.

It’s no wonder then that she was chosen to take a chair on the set of Project Runway this Thursday for the 3rd episode of Season 6. Now, I didn’t particularly love her outfit, but I didn’t expect to. Although constantly in the fashion scene it is usually a 50% chance that she will impress me. There is always something a little off about her looks. I must say though that I love her tights. Absolutely love them. And the top aint bad, but the whole thing seems more like a romantic costume then a fashionista get-up.

As for Project Runway, the show moved from Bravo to the Lifestyle channel, but little else has changed. Same challenges, struggles, and fashionable guests are still the pattern.