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Sarah Jessica Parker Wears A Fur Coat

Updated September 2018

I adore a yummy fur. I own both real and faux, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that I only buy vintage or recycled real fur — that gives me some points, right? right?!

How To Wear Fur

To move on, fur (real or faux) is a fantastic part of fall and winter dressing. Just look at how Sarah Jessica Parker wears a fur coat in any winter scene of Sex and The City. Whereas in the past, fur screamed luxury and elegance, fur is hollering fun glamour today. In the colder areas, throw on that fur coat with your ponte leggings and water proof riding boots. For the warmer areas, feel free to put that coat over a tank dress and some heels and have fun with it. If you are cold enough to wear it, wear it. I wear my shin length beige coat with a giant detachable fur collar all around San Diego if I am cold. Sure no one else in San Diego is doing it, but isn’t that the point?


Where To Buy Vintage, Used & Recycled Fur

My favorite places to buy vintage, used, and recycled fur are listed below…

  1. Vintage shops: there is always a rack of fur in any good vintage shop.
  2. Ebay
  3. The Real Real
  4. Etsy

Best Faux Fur Right Now

There have been incredible strides in faux fur. Below are my favorite new lines and items. For more tips check out my post on How to Wear Faux Fur.

  1. Apparis: sold at Bloomingdale’s
  2. Amanda Baldan
  3. Shrimps: sold at Farfetch
  4. Givenchy’s Intarsia Faux-Fur Quilted-Lining Mid-Thigh Coat

And for some fashion inspiration, see how Sarah Jessica Parker wears a fur coat in various Sex and the City scenes.



Sarah Jessica Parker wears a fur coat

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12 Responses

  1. Hey Vanessa, what a great blog! I am a big fur lover too and I really love this post! I blogged about it on my blog (nikapika.onsugar.com), hope you don’t mind 🙂 Take care and keep up the great job! Cheers, Nika

  2. I think, fur is so sexy and womanly.
    I like animals, but I like too, if a beautiful woman wear fur. (And Sarah Jessica Parker a really beautiful lady.)
    I don’t know, why protest against wearing fur, instead should battle for better treatment with farm animals – mainly in Asia, and not only in terms of fur.

  3. Anne Becker says:

    Disgusting,wrong,and sad. How could she?

  4. shenja dieltjens says:

    how can anyone say fur is gorgeous when knowing what happens to the animals the fur is made of??? please take a look at videos shot on fur factories and decide after!!!

  5. have u ever seen how they get the fur??? they don’t kill the animal, they rip off the skin of the animal while is alive!!!!!! they die hours after not having their fur have ever seen it at least !?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  6. id love to meet sarah jessica parker in a fur coat i think she looks sexy in furs

  7. Great blog, and Carry Bradshaw is an icon by herself. Beautiful and unique-everytime I watch sex and the city I fall in love with her outfits and her hairstyles.

  8. Melissa Gruenhagen says:

    This is disgusting that you try to make fur seem glamorous. You are condoning animal cruelty for your disgusting vanity.

  9. Hi Melissa,
    Fur doesnt have to be real to be glamorous.

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