The most television I watch is around 11:00am, after my run and before my first client of the day. I sit down with a tuna sandwich, turn on my limited cable and tune in for fifteen minutes of Frasier or a movie on the IFC. Periodically I get to watch an America's Next Top Model rerun on the Oxygen channel. I am not a fan of reality TV, in fact, I despise reality TV, but fashion is another story. I never tire of fashion. Nothing makes my tuna salad more interesting than catching an America's Next Top Model photo shoot. As soon as the models' bickering begins, I switch back to Frasier. It is this bickering or extended non-sense that drives me away. I see enough immaturity, anger and whining in line at a bar or on the streets. On my television, if reality TV is on the menu, I want to see high style, talent and good business. My requests are being attempted by Girlfriend Confidential LA starring America's Next Top Model's Eva Marcille and three of her close friends. These fashion conscience friends are going to show their audience how they balance their careers with their personal life. At first glance, it looked to me like another reality show I won't watch, but after reading through the transcript of a Girlfriend's Confidential LA conference call, I am interested. These women aren't dumb and they made me believe they really care and respect each other. Denyce Lawton confirms that there will be no throwing of things. 

"When we deal with our conflicts or our
disagreements or our issues in life, we handle them like adults, the way
mature, adults should and how women should, no matter how angry you are or how
upset or how emotional we can all be. There’s no drink throwing, there’s no
fist punching."

Although their promo has two one-second clips of irrational behavior, I get the impression, and the hope, most childish antics are wiped from the plot. Instead the focus will be on career women working the business in style. The side dish is friendship, and there is nothing I support more than putting friendship at the top of one's list.

Girlfriend Confidential airs tonight, Monday September 3rd, at 11pm on the Oxygen channel.