Gibson-Equestrian- Blazer

Part of my personal stylist consultation process is taking my client through a fashion look book I have created from fashion magazines and catalogues. As each of my clients turn the pages, they always – always – point out a blazer look. Everyone seems to agree, a casual blazer is a versatile sexy look, no matter your age or size. The blazer I have been throwing on my clients of late is the equestrian blazer by Gibson. The first client to don the riding blazer is a cutting edge business woman who just hit thirty. The most recent client I put it on is a retired sixty something nurse from New Jersey. The clients in between vary further, yet all look sharp in this cotton-poly blend, three quarter length sleeve blazer. It stretches to your movements, yet retains its structured shape to ensure function meets fashion. My only qualm is the cheapness of its single button, but that is easily removed and replaced with a more luxurious detail. As you can see, it can be paired with jeans and certain dresses, as well as grey slacks and shorts.


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