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Spa Review: Beauty and Body Lounge in Hillcrest


Usually when I review a spa, I go once and call it a day. This review shall encompass three visits.

A few weeks ago I went into Beauty and Body Lounge at the edge of Hillcrest in San Diego. I requested the Resurgence Renewal facial. A deluxe facial that felt amazing and made my skin feel dewy soft. My facialist was Joanna, an incredibly informative woman with a genuine love for her work. She truly looked at my skin, questioned me thoroughly on my facial goals and took the time to get to know my skin as well as me. Plus her extraction process was incredibly effective. Although more painful than other spa experiences, my face had never been more clear.

She also taught me how to take better care of my face at home. My nose gets a lot of build up so she showed me how to clean it properly. I realized I was not cleansing the creases of my nose when I washed my face. She also showed me how to pinch my nose very lightly when washing it so that I get the cleansing deep into the pores. My nose has never, ever looked better. I have completely prevented the gross build up that my nose gets. to top it off, she showed me how lightly exfoliating with a washcloth and warm water at a certain angle could really take my skin to a new level of flawlessness.

So my skin looked fantastic immediately after my facial and looked fantastic a few weeks after the facial, but between that…

Two days after my deluxe facial, my face had a billion teeny bumps on my face, like a rash. It was not visible to the eye, but was completely evident to my fingertips. I called Joanna immediately expressing my concern. She got me back into the spa as soon as possible to give me a sensitive skin regiment and then take home some recovery treatment and sensitive skin cooling gels by Murad – all complimentary of course. It was not a serious condition and my skin felt better right away. A couple days later the bumps went away and my skin was back to normal.

Joanna explained to me that the deluxe facial was probably too much for my twenty-seven year old skin. Plus, my skin has a very advanced recovery and cleaning system. I generally have no acne, no major issues – nothing that needed to be treated in a deluxe way so with my skin, less is definitely more and more is definitely too much.

About a week later Joanna wanted me to come back again to give me a facial tailored to my skin’s need – complimentary again. She wanted to be sure that her client was completely happy with her experience. Who am I to say no?

From my first visit she noticed that my skin was a little dry so the next facial focused on hydration. Plus she took care of the milia on my cheeks and around my eyes. My face has never looked better. I am really excited.

To sum up, the Beauty and Body Lounge is a boutique spa in a small space with incredibly attentive treatments and costumer service. I felt comfortable, informed, and my skin looks fantastic. It was a true privilege to have Joanna as my facialist.

Besides the fact that I adored the service I received here, I will be a returning client because its proximity to my house and the prices are great. Other services they offer are waxing, massage, acupuncture, laser hair removal and beauty coaching.

My reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for reviews, although I am given the service for free. If the service is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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