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Stylish & Comfortable Ankle Boots


Nine West

When it comes to light rain, chill and a lot of everyday walking, sometimes a rain boot is too much, a ballet flat too little and a calf height boot too cumbersome. Your choice instead is the low boot or the ankle boot. Sometimes they are referred to as a bootie, but when I think bootie I think more sleek and with a heel. Today, I am talking about a flat, sturdy low boot to throw on for the weekend and after work. This is what you can wear when you are cold and casual. These are best paired with tight pants like leggings, jeggings or legging pants or stockings/nylons/tights. Even straight leg pants will be too wide for this idea. If you pair these type of industrial boot with any kind of width in your pants, it will leave you looking dumpy.

When looking for a low boot, get one that sits wide at your ankle rather than flush. If it sits too close to your leg or ankle, it can make your feet look big and your legs disproportionate, but also don’t get anything that is so wide it flops about and can hold small kittens.

I know some of you find a wide low boot, to be too Bohemian for your taste, but there are some sleeker options pictured for women with a more sophisticated or feminine personal style.







Big Buddha


Big Buddha


Nine West


Nine West


Dr. Scholl’s

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  1. Christie Roberts says:

    Do you have above the brown dr scholls chewy brown boots

  2. Christie Roberts says:

    Do you have anymore of the dr scholls fur brown chewy

    1. Hi Christie! No I don’t, apologies!

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