I want to see some belly. Yes, I am talking midriff here, ladies. And for some reason I believe showing high up on your belly is classy, where as showing bellybutton is childish. This is the kind of thing where you just trust me. To pull off displaying your stomach, you start with a high waist garment whether it be a skirt, like Kate Bosworth Proenza Schouler's design, shorts, or even high waisted silk or linen pants, preferable wider in the leg. Then you pair it with a shorter top. Voilá! I just love that high midriff look and Kate Bosworth's outfit is a fabulous example of why. She looks edgy, sexy, stylish and fun! Note too, that hideous color of lipstick looks amazing on her. All you fair skinned, blond girls can pull this off, us brunettes will have to find a different shade to pair with our bare bellies.

Tip: showing your stomach while wearing anything denim is not the most stylish practice. Softer fabrics are more fashion foward.