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A Wedding Ring For The Highly Stylish Woman


Although I am a big fan of a fella braving the world of jewelry to find the perfect ring for his partner, some gentlemen just don’t know what his woman wants. In fact, his woman may not even know. We are all aware that selecting a life partner is an incredible commitment between two people, but let’s not forget, if you choose to involve rings, it is also a commitment between a woman and a piece of jewelry. If you follow tradition, the ring that is selected will be on your left hand… forever. Okay, alright, we know people change it out, add on, dip it, put it away on camping trips and so on, but basically you are now permanently accessorized. This is serious.

If you are a woman who has issues with accessories and welcomes the idea of a permanent ring, I highly recommend diving into a fabulous and eccentric wedding ring. If you aren’t worried about snagging clothing or not being able to put your whole left hand in your pocket, take it to the next step and pick a fabulously large wedding ring. Give it some size. For a woman who used to lack pow, the wedding ring will be her pow piece all day every day. But what about the the highly stylish women who don’t lack pow pieces?

For the women who love to accessorize, switch out their jewelry every day, and adore a cocktail ring, I recommend the opposite. I suggest skipping the stick ’em up, stick it out giant solitaire diamond, and selecting just a wedding band. It could be as simple as a plain hammered gold or platinum band, or it could have a just a little punch like a diamond eternity ring. The subtle elegance of it will compliment your everyday fabulosity better than a honking rock. Obviously this is also a good idea for women of simpler tastes who may work with her hands day in and day out.

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