I don’t care if fall clothes are for sale. It just started
getting hot. It is summer! That is one of the many things I don’t like about
fashion, clothing companies are always pushing us around. Shoving sweaters at
us when were sweating bullets, throwing shorts our way when our leg hairs are
still frozen. I will write about fall issues when fall comes.

As for summer, whether you have a full head of hair or not,
sun exposure on the top your noggin can result in a sunburn on your scalp. If
you have a specific part on your head that always burns dab sunscreen down the
hairline, but if it seems to vary or burn all over a hat is a must-have for
your next beach or outdoor day activity.


Skip the baseball hat for obvious reasons (gets gross easy
and is outdated). Instead go for a hat made of cotton, linen or straw; not
tweed, felt or any other heat inducing fabric or weight. A driving cap, trilby,
porkpie or fedora will all do the trick of keeping you undercover while sporting
on point style.

I have enjoyed Brixton’s porkpie as well as Brooks Brother’s
driving caps
in linen.