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Taylor Swift In Michael Jackson’s Military Jacket


Michael Jackson’s passing has brought his music as well as his fashions to the front of our minds again. For some it never left. My
favorite song? Probably Billie Jean. My favorite look? The sparkly military jacket.

Although there have been many versions of the sparkly military jacket throughout the years this one is looking particular fabulous. As seen on Taylor Swift, the BB Dakota version has olive-bronze insignia-inspired embroidery, mandarin collar with slight front opening, and figure-flattering pleats. Made of 100% cotton.

I recommend rocking it with jeans, over a simple dress or some leggings. I would also enjoy seeing it with some dressy shorts or silk romper. Swift, who has always been a fan of military inspired jackets, paired it with an exuberant dress or skirt it seems from the photo. I find the look a little too messy. I say stick to subtle patterns or solid colors with few or minuscule details.


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3 Responses

  1. Hey! those Military jacket of Michael jackson looks cool and very attractive. I like the design even the style looks unique. keep posting!

  2. I’m not too keen on it to be honest. The colour isn’t very flattering to the style of jacket. I love a nice navy or dark coloured military jacket with some jeans or a simple dress…good article 🙂
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  3. I am great fan of Michael jackson. He was real Rock star
    Great dancer as well as singer. This jacket remember me
    its show arranged in new york. I have never seen this kind of great performer. very grateful to display his jacket pics.

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