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The Pieces & Trends You Should Invest In

Gold-pyramid-studsBloomingdale’s $170

There is a time and place to buy cheap. These items tend to be the garments you wear once or replace often like tights and Tees. Especially when it comes to T-shirts… that soft cotton Tee really does feel and fit quite similar whether it is Forever 21 or Helmut Lang, and both will end up mangled after one toss in the washing machine. Then there are the moments that call for cash. Obviously if you have the budget, buying high quality is a great idea 95% of the time, but whether you are making $300,000 a year or $30,000 a year, these are the items you should invest in…

Gold & Silver Studs

Studs are essential for the gal who loves necklaces and the woman who adores simplicity. Fake gold & silver studs will tarnish easy, look trashy and need replacing. After dropping the money to replace them over and over again, might as well drop the money all at once and put sterling silver and 14k gold in your ears.

The Everyday Watch

If you are wearing a watch everyday, you are going to want a quality one that will last.

Jeans For The Jean Lover

If you live in jeans, splurge on Citizens of Humanity, Paige or whatever designer jeans hug your ass right. You will get that great fit, less stretch and lasting glory.

The Perfect Purse

Butter leather, perfect pockets, and stunning color is not going to cost $40. Drop the dollars on the everyday, everywhere purse.

Versatile Flats

I am horrified by the amount of uncomfortable flats, priced both high and low. Take the time to try on shoe after shoe, walk quickly around the store numerous times and then spend the money on the flat that can keep up, blister-free. I have found cheaper shoes that are comfortable, but inevitably deteriorate after I have stomped around in them. I work shoes hard. A cheap pair will break down and become uncomfortable in the end.


Attilio Giusti Leombruni $298


Cheap boots are extremely obvious, let in water and chill, and often offer no support. Search for the perfect boot in color, comfort and style, and then splurge. You will find you may not have to replace them for at least a decade if you take care of them. If you wear them hard and often, polish them and eventually resole them. A quality boot is made like a car. With the right maintenance, expect to have it for ages and then hand it down to your 16-year-old child.

 Statement Necklace

Just like boots, a cheap statement necklace is extremely obvious. Search out a versatile, amazing statement necklace and drop the dollars.

Investing and splurging is not for the indecisive. Investing in a piece is a commitment. You are vowing to love it for an extended period of time. If you are still unsure of your style, investing does not make sense. You need to know you will wear the jeans often, sport that necklace every other week or strap on that watch every morning. Otherwise it becomes a waster instead of a saver. Finding the perfect garment and spending an unusual amount of money on it is to ensure you don’t waste money purchasing numerous items of similar characteristics. So often we buy something to tide us over for various reasons or get impatient and purchase something only close to our desires. In order to invest in fashion, you need to have patience, and you need to get to know yourself.


J.Crew $165

What have you invested in? Share in a comment below.

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