Nothing shocks me, no closet frightens me and, when I am not with a client, I so rarely notice when someone is wearing something "not awesome," I keep track of it in my mind. This year so far, I have one. It was #9. Still, there are some no-no's that I always disagree with, no matter the styling, no matter the owner. Here are my top ten fashion faux paus…

1) Black patent leather wedges with a cream, cork or earth tone colored bottom.

2) Too much black clothing in a closet.

3) Coach's signature print on a handbag. Although any kind of obvious branding on anything is bad, Coach is the worst for handbags.

4) The inability to walk gracefully in one's shoes. In other words, buying and wearing uncomfortable shoes.


5) Juicy Couture or any other brand of matching track suit.

6) Obvious polyester favored by Sweet Pea and Jcpenney.

7) Buying pieces that are "good enough." In other words, buying 6th best, versus the best.

8)  Traditional True Religion jeans with contrast colored stitching and any other denim with highly decorated back pockets.

9) Obviously fake hair.

10) Wearing a belt at the wrong point of your torso or out of balance in relation to your garment.  


What is your most distasteful fashion faux pas?