This week I am quoted in an article written by Laura Jerpi on the Ai Insite website concerning virtual closets. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Finally, there’s hope for those who return from shopping for black sandals only to find six pairs hiding behind the shoe rack.

A number of fashionable new websites are providing consumers with “virtual closets” that let them track, mix, and match their clothes. By helping people get organized, the sites also can help shoppers visualize whether new purchases will fit with their existing wardrobes.

Daniel Nakhla, Founder of Closetbank, wanted to help his older sister find a simple way to keep track of her clothes and shoes. So, he came up with a virtual closet and closet inventory system that allows members to upload images of their own clothing and virtually put pieces together to create outfits.

Nakhla described Closetbank’s diverse user base as “girls in their early teens, to professional women in their 30s and 40s, to designers who like to inventory their work.”

Another virtual closet site called Closet Couture is a fashion social network and virtual closet combined, enabling members to have access to each other’s closets and create outfits for friends and other women who need
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