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Product Review: Going Commando With Go Free Pants


I have a fun story to tell you. So I am browsing press releases looking for something interesting to share with you and I come across Go Free pants, “a revolutionary new pant that gives even the most modest woman the freedom to go commando with the comfort of an exclusive built-in smooth cotton panel that replaces the cross seam in traditional pants.”

I adore the idea, and used to be a commando girl myself, so I e-mail the contact wanting to do a product review. Next thing I know the inventor, Tina Ketchie, is calling me and wants to tell me everything about it. In her fabulous North Carolina accent she tells me how through individual incidents she found out that most of her girlfriends don’t wear underwear. “You all are just sittin’ here with no underwear on?!”

She also goes into detail about hating panty lines, but hates the discomfort of thongs more. “Forget about it!”

So, she decides to try it – not wearing underwear. She loves it. A grown woman that has never gone without underwear is now an advocate for it. But she didn’t like the cross seam of pants against her bare woo-ha. Can’t blame her.


Then she caught a television segment discussing female health. As Ketchie recalls, “The female doctor said, ‘The less women wear down there, the better,’ so after getting validation from my girlfriends… and conducting research, I created a pant that liberates women from having to wear underwear…if and when they choose.”

Off I go playing with these pants. I tried on the 5-pocket jean, the business casual pant and the capri. They are very comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed the vagina friendly cotton panel; however, the fabrics feel a bit cheap and the styles seem a little dated and designed for older women. The most modern of styles would be the 5-pocket jean with its slim fit through the hips and thigh and boot cut leg; but keep in mind, this is more of a thin stretchy pant then a standard denim jean.

When I brought this up to Ketchie she explained that this is the beginning of Go Free pants and the start-up funds have been focused on the actual invention versus cultivating stylish designs in superior fabrics.

The bigger plan is to have the Go Free panel in brands of pants already on the market. Meaning your favorite pair of jeans or pants may soon be available with a Go Free crotch. I am looking forward to that day. If you can’t wait that long, I recommend trying the 5-pocket jean/pant.

My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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5 Responses

  1. I have the Go Free black capri pants. They are wonderful! I absolutely love them. The comfort and fit are the best.

  2. Thanks Vanessa for the great review! I’m excited that you are excited about Go Free Pants! The 5-pocket jean fabric is a twill 97% cotton/3% Spandex, great for washing separately and tumble drying on low – comes out of the dryer ready to wear, and the capri and business/casual are a tropical 63% Polyester/33% Rayon/4% Spandex. As great as the review is, I have to say my customers are taking exception with the review of the fabric feeling “a bit cheap”. What I’m hearing from the ladies who have bought the pants is that they love it. The price point is in the neighborhood of $65 and the quality stands shoulder to shoulder with lines like Talbots or Ann Taylor. Your readers can enjoy this new level of comfort only offered by Go Free pants for a very reasonable price. Why haven’t women’s pants always been made this way? Good question! We’ve waited long enough for a pant that makes sense for women. Seeing is believing. Try it! I’m sure glad I did! Tina Ketchie – inventor

  3. I bought three pairs of the Go Free pants and receive lots of compliments on their slimming, classic style every time that I wear them. Because they are classic not a fad, I will be able to wear them with comfort, style and a smile for a long time. What a great wardrobe investment.

  4. Pam Stearns says:

    I ordered a pair and my first thought when I unwrapped them was what a great fabric!! I love that they are washable since the dry cleaners in my area charge a fortune and have ruined a number of items.

  5. Julie Elkin says:

    I love my go free pants! I have the business casual black. They are clearly very comfortable plus I can wear them w/ anything and everything- all 4 seasons! People, women and men, have given me compliments on the look and fit. They are fun to wear- – – hee hee.
    They are a must have in your wardrobe! I plan to buy all the styles eventually.

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