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Top Ten Affordable & Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas

Banana Republic Saffiano Leather Skinny Belt

My girlfriends and I just drew our names for who gets who the big gift. You see, the six of us have been doing a gift giving Christmas party for twenty-one years. To save money, we draw names. Whoever we pick, we get a large/pricier gift for them. Then we get little gifts for the rest of the girls. It is so much fun and such a treat. Everyone puts a lot of thought into both categories of the gifts, large and small. Of course, I put a lot of stylish thought into the gifts for my ladies. For the stylish women in your life, here are some fashionable gift ideas…

1) Banana Republic Saffiano Leather Skinny Belt $24.50

Any metallic skinny belt is a great gift idea, but this BR belt is the best. It is designed to fit the high waist as well as the hip. This takes out the stress of wondering where your friends wear their belts.


2) Book: Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (Metropolitan Museum of Art) $27

Although the cover is mildly disturbing, the images and words inside put pretty butterflies in your stomach. I could pour over these pages again and again.


3) Turban Headband $28 (Discounted)

How much fun is this?! Absolutely a stylish and unique gift choice.

4) Kenneth Jay Lane Enamel Bean Black Earrings $40

It is so difficult to find chic black earrings, any gal will appreciate this gift. It comes in other colors, but did I mention how scarce awesome black earrings are? These will look best on blonds, as black can get lost in dark hair; though, brunettes could their wear their hair up…


5) Sporty Echo Touch Glove $42

For the stylish and chilly techie in your life. Now your girly doesn’t have to take off her fabulous gloves to tip tap on her touch screen devices. The gloves pointer and thumb finger can be felt by touch screen technology.


6) BCBGMAXAZRIA Knuckle Clutch $160.99 (Dsicounted)

You know something is ahead of the game style wise, when there is only one decently priced version available for sale. Unless you want to spend $2000 on the Alexander McQueen version, BCBG is your knuckle clutch shop.

7) Mimi and Lu Soul Ring $30 (Discounted)

Choose the corresonding initials for your girlfriends names to give a personal touch.


8) Gap Printed Shortsleeve Tee $19.99 (Discounted)

The artistic print will wow a style maven, and its softness (50% cotton, 50% modal) will turn it into their everyday favorite Tee.


9) Sex and the City: The Complete Series (Collector’s Gift Set) $85.99

This fashionable show will always be fabulous. If she doesn’t already have it, get it for her.

10) Shewants.com

This is not exactly a gift, but bear with me. Let’s say you are absolutely clueless and want someone to just tell you what they want, but you still desire some sort of surprise. Have them sign up for a free profile on SheWants.com. Its a gift registry for one person. Side note, its geared towards women and this is a woman’s blog, but it could very well work for men too. You just insert the links to a gift you want. The site is free and doesn’t try to sell you anything throughout its process. I personally like authentic surprises, but if you don’t want to waste money or fake a happy gift face, this is the way to go.

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