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How To Create The Adrianna Papell Combination

ADrianna Papel Shoes

Now that the winners have been announced in the last post, here are the reasons behind the winning combination of the Adrianna Papell dress…

Shoe A: Wasn’t chosen because it is too heavy. The dress already is heavy with its sharp shoulder and weighty embellishments. To add a chunky heel would lose a sleek look.

Shoe B: Avoided for its excess shine and its “been there already” style. There would be too much gold and the shiny gladiator shoe is not edgy or innovative enough for this unique and stunning dress. It also looks a bit cheapy.

Shoe D: Skipped over for its “been there already” style and too casual sling back with silver buckle back. Also, when it comes to evening, every single detail matters for the best appearance and that little buckle is silver. This look calls for gold tones!

Winner – Shoe C: The Jimmy Choo shoe was chosen for its modern, yet sleek style and to bring out the bronze shades of the dress. With a heavier shoulder on the dress, I wanted a shoe that can continue the structured tone of the shoulder without being chunky and creating a too heavy look. As for the color, it is more innovative to highlight the under dog color of a garment, rather than perpetuating an already dominant color, which would be gold-gold.

ADrianna papell dress 2

Purse B: This purse tries to mimic the dress’ pattern too much. Even if it was an exact match, it would just overwhelm the look with its matchy matchy attempt.

Purse C: The bronze shade is too dark and the even darker stones on it introduces another color (purple?) into the equation in a look already piled high with tones, hues and shades of gold, nude and bronze. It also has too many embellishments for this already embellished look.

Purse D: This purse is too boring and too casual for this dressy event. Also, we have enough gold, thank you.

Winner – Purse A: The Jimmy Choo purse mimics the texture of the dress without being obvious. The colors are perfect for uniting the dark tone of the shoe with the gold of the dress, bringing everything together in an unexpected way. A seamless, yet unexpected look is the key to unique and timeless style.

ADrianna Papell 3
Cover-up A: Although fabulous, this would overwhelm the look with its pattern and jewels.

Cover-up C: The delicate fabric of the shawl would snag on the sequins and studs of the dress. Also, too much gold and pattern again.

Cover-up D: The jacket’s ruffles are too girly for this edgy look.

Winner – Cover-up B: The sturdy fabric and structured shoulder of the Michael Kors jacket will go perfectly over the strong shoulder of the dress and avoids snagging. The soft nude shade of the jacket keeps the focus on the dress by picking up one of the most subtle colors in the dress.

ADrianna winner

The other two looks will be explained throughout the week…

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