I popped into a shop in New York the other day and spied the most wonderful garment. A sheer white button front blouse with silver and pewter embellishments on the pointed collar. With a gasp, I ran to it, admired it, became excited by the perfect fall of the weighted collar, and then I touched it. It felt like sh**. The fabric was some kind of steel wool masquerading as silk. I have never felt a more itchy, creepy and crepe-y bit of imitation silk. When inspecting in greater detail, it was revealed to be run of the mill polyester, but I have never felt a polyester with an urge to kill like this one. I had to walk away, but not to worry. An embellished collar is no UFO this Autumn. In fact, Warehouse’s new ad campaign for their fall collection displays an embellished collar within 16 seconds of the one-minute video, which I almost missed. There are a lot of fun garments in the video, but the spotlight was stolen by the fun music, precise editing and vivacious model. I haven’t had that much fun watching an ad campaign in awhile. Between the umbrellas, the dog, the bird and the bike, I wanted to play too!

I have found a few embellished button front collared tops at Nordstrom from Sanctuary, Bellatirx and Maison. I will be trying them on one of my clients shortly.