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Personal Stylist Style: Printed Casual Dress With Three Quarter Length Sleeves


The casual dress can be an elusive beast of fashion. They tend to be too casual and beach oriented or too dressy – for how many cocktail events one attends in a year, there are a lot of fancy frocks out there. Therefore, I am always (always) on the look out for the perfect casual dress for both myself and my clients.

On a whim, I made a pop into Forever 21. When shopping at a cheap store such Forever 21, you want to steer clear of the polyester and dive into the soft fabrics like rayon in this shopping arena. These fabrics don’t read cheap like its price tag. Knowing this, I tend to shop Forever 21 by feel versus eye, but this fantastic dress jumped at me with its print. Is it birds? Is it feathers? Is it pineapple tops? I don’t know. don’t care. I love it. It turns out, it’s an abstract print – who knew? I was also aroused by it’s sleeves. Three quarter length sleeves are needed for those with arm insecurities or those in need of protection from the sun (my shoulders and arms get the worst of the sun’s attacks). Those who desire the sexy freedom of a dress with the coverage of a sleeve are often left on the sidelines, making this frock a real rare find. And I will mention the fun print again.

As predicted, it is a soft, but structured 100% rayon. It is also flattering as all hell – which you are unable to tell in this photo – and can work for a lunch, drinks, the park, errands and a casual dinner. It would be perfect for one of my clients and even yourself, but alas, there was only one in the store I visited and none online, but I will keep an eye out for another perfect casual dress for you.

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