I am the career woman that travels constantly with my favorite companion, my laptop. I generally carry it in a big purse and call it a day. I have tried looking for stylish computer bags, but I really wasn't that excited by anything in my price range. There is a new kind of bag on the market though: Tote Couture.

Tote Couture is debuting its first two small line of functional, yet cute laptop bags. Every technological woman is going to be interested in checking out the Noni and Lola pleated bags. They look like girlie handbags until you open them up and find a secure cubby hole for your most precious of items.

Constructed of coated canvas, faux leather and featuring brushed metal hardware, these bags are relatively durable and ideal for the woman that likes geometric shapes. Tote Couture bags are available exclusively at, price ranging from $69.99 – $79.99.