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Very Easy Hair Updos


You style, dye, cut and fill your hair with product. You put a lot of time and money into your hair to make the most of your swinging locks, but some days you want to, or have to, just throw that hair up. I am a woman who spends very little time on my hair and almost always wear it up. This begets my inclination for easy, but attractive updos. And when I say easy, I mean easy. I posses ZERO talent in the hair category. I hate when you read these how-to’s in magazines. They think I am going to take more than four minutes on my hair? They crazy. Below are truly very easy hair updos.

The Sleek Ponytail

Step 1) This works best if you took a shower so you have clean slate hair instead of bed head with bumps and kinks to fight.

Step 2) You can blow dry your hair or not. If you do blow dry, do it any way you like, no special instructions here.

Step 3) Take a brush, if you hair is wet I recommend the wet brush. Brush hair back and straight. (Curly hair folk may be left out of this one). Once all the tangles are out, bring all your hair to the center back of your head and hold it in your fist. Black hair should use a black hair tie, brown hair should use a brown hair tie and blond should use a tan or yellow hair tie.

Tip: If you have gross ends, take a wide curling iron and curl the ends in a chunk so it curls up cutely versus being a pointy split end mess.


The Bun

Step 1) This involves the pony tail. Once you have the pony tail, take the tail and twist it around the base of the hair tie.

Step 2) Insert bobby pins into the mass until it stays. Use bobby pins of all the same color, whether it be black, brown or blond bobby pins. Funky tip: dark haired women can stick blond hair pins into their and blonds can stick black pins in their hair. Just make sure they are all the same and placed symmetrically around the bun so it reads as intentional, versus trashy.


The Hair Claw

This is my go-to. Pull all your hair back as if about to put in a pony tail. Once it is in your fist, use your other hand to bring the tail end to the base. This means you folded the ponytail in half. Point the fold towards the top of your head. Use hair claw to secure the fold to your head. Sometimes I just create a mess atop my head and stick the claw in. It doesn’t look amazing, but it is a fantastically presentable option when you only have two seconds.


The Skinny Headband

Add to any of previously listed up do to create a more interesting look and give the impression of volume atop your head. Simply place on your head.

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