For years and years Bebe always seemed to be worn by tasteless skinny girls. Basically ghetto girls with a bit of cash. Too tight club attire and waist teasing tees with Bebe written in rhinestones across the bust were the calling card of this brand. Granted I am someone that can find something useful within any label so occasionally I would buy an item from the skimpy peddlers.

But then something happened. It wasn't just a jacket here and vest there that caught my interest. I started regularly stopping into Bebe to find some fabulosity. They have upped the edge quality instead of pushing hooker wear these days. Sexy is still top priority, but half of its merchandise is truly stunning, fun or unique (the other half reflects its cheesy past).

In addition, the Bebe ad campaigns have true models (unlike the picked-out-of-the-club chicks still present on the website) styled with a fashion eye and the stores' window displays reflect this tone.

So, if you haven't been in Bebe for awhile because of all the crap they used to have, it's time to check back in. There is definitely a stylish breeze blowing up the skirts at Bebe.