For six months or so jeggings has been a hard find, an expensive endeavor or an unflattering experience. Now I am happy to report that anyone who wishes to try out and purchase this legging jean should stop into Gap. They have six washes to please everyone, an incredibly flattering fit, a refreshing range of sizes (00-20 with tall and petite options) and did I mention they are yum-yum comfortable? They are, I stopped in yesterday to try them on.

Some perks to mention for those on the fence about jeggings, this is a thick yet stretchy material that will cover any skin flaws and reveal svelte legs and a tight ass. I couldn't believe how thin I looked in them. The waist isn't very low either. It almost reaches my belly button in a sexy retro way. I also like that you can get away with wearing shorter tops with them, unlike traditional leggings.

When buying or ordering these babies, order a size smaller than usual because the fabric is already stretchy and it will stretch a whole size more. For instance, I have a 30-inch waist and I ended up having to get a 28-inch waist because I could put my fist down the 30-inch jeans. My fist shouldn't be able to go down my pants, on many levels.


Now here is the problem with walking into a Gap store to buy the denim legging, at least my local Gap. There are not a lot of sizes available including the standard run of 0-10. So, I was forced to buy the size I wanted (6/28) online, which I don't like to do; but since this time I enjoyed a lovely online discount, I shan't complain too much. What I will complain about is the uninformed and slightly insolent customer service that I run into there.

Tidbit about Gap: Gap generally has a scant, unstylish selection of clothing for women, but two to three times a year there is a timeless must-have piece that deserves attention. These jeggings are one of them.