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What To Wear When You Fly – Stylish Travel Outfits


Taking a flight used to be a glamorous event that called for your Sunday best. Modern day has turned the flying experience into something akin to a sleepover meets Casual Friday. You must find a balance between today and yesterday.

When choosing your flying attire you want to avoid anything structured, dry clean only, prone to wrinkle, delicate, leather, or complicated. Most likely you want to skip skirts and dresses for the wrinkle factor, temperature issues and the riding up likelihood. I see many people fly in jeans, but I detest the feel of sitting in denim for extended periods of time. Obviously sweats and work out wear is the nemesis to feeling and looking fashionable while flying. This leaves us with leggings, chinos and soft pants. Although leggings are self explanatory, the pants may not.



Choose pants with a straight or lean leg for a slim look and to evade bunching of extra fabric. Think casual slacks or cigarette pants. This can be a difficult find. Most of the pants out there will be camp counselor khakis and dressy slacks with a flared leg. My advice is to just keep looking. I have had the best luck at Loehmann’s, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. If you find the pants pair them with a fitted tee, tank or lightweight button front shirt. If you choose the leggings, top it off with a lengthy tank, tunic or blousy button front. Adding a soft scarf is always a good idea in case you get cold or could use a makeshift pillow.


Considering comfort, bringing outerwear is an essential weapon against the probable change of climate from boarding to arrival as well as the high air conditioning on the jet. A flexible jacket or a medium to heavy weight sweater for your cover-up would be your best bet. Skip the structured blazer or bulky anything.

As for shoes, keep in mind you will likely be carrying something heavy so skip any high heels. Also, you will have to take them off quickly for security purposes, so you want an easy come, easy go shoe. A nice sandal or ballet flat is the most stylish choice, but if you get cold you may want to wear (extra low) socks, which calls for a sleek one-tone sneaker. Think Keds, or Sambas. None of that multi-colored running shoe I see sometimes. That belongs on a run, not a plane.

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