Earth Day Give Away From Calypso Studios


With Earth Day just around the corner on April 22nd,
Calypso Studios has promised to donate over $10,000 worth of their S.H.O.P
Totes on the 39th Annual Earth Day.  Beginning April 1st,
2009 you can register on the Calypso Studio website to win an Acts of Kindness S.H.O.P. Tote.  The drawing ends April 22nd,
2009 and the eco-friendly winners will receive their bag after Earth Day to
accessorize their wardrobe and to support Calypso’s mission of re-using
shopping bags.    

With the collaboration of several American artists, Lori
Siebert, Emma Hand, Robin Roderick, Tina Higgins, and Andrea Tachiera, Calypso
Studios was able to launch their artistic collection to the world in January
2009. The Start Helping Our Planet Tote not only eliminates
the amount of plastic that our planet consumes, but is easy to carry, giving
modern consumers a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. 

The totes
easily roll up into a 2” X 3” size, and three of the bags fit into one convenient
wristlet carrying case that you can stick your purse or glove compartment. This
way you will never forget to bring your re-useable bags into the grocery,
Target, or any other store.

Their Earth Day mission is to create a sense of knowing what
that one plastic bag does to our planet.  Each plastic bag is made out of
the non-renewable energy source of oil, which takes decades to break down after
it has been thrown away.  Not only does it take decades to break down, it
can create immediate consequences like clogging roadside drains and increasing
flooding, and polluting our oceans and killing sea life.

Calypso Studios also works closely with American Artists,
creating jewelry and accessories from earth's natural elements that are
fashionable, economical, and earth friendly.

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