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If you are unemployed you have become well acquainted with
your suits and ties. Your days of business casual have gone to the wayside as you
shuffle into interviews sporting full professional attire. It’s quite the
catch-22. All of a sudden you need to be looking your sharpest and yet you have
no money to accomplish the task.

What do you do? Look for deals. By the way I found one for
you if you are looking for ties. The Tie Bar is an online retailer that sells
hundreds of ties all for $15. They claim good quality so this might be quite
the blessing considering the diverse designs and styles, both traditional and
fashion forward.

Similar to big-name neckwear designers, The Tie Bar releases
six new collections each year under lead designer Greg Shugar. Apparently they
are all 100 percent woven silk ties so whether you simply enjoy an expansive
selection at cheap prices or you need to watch your savings account, The TieBar might be worth a peak.