I am a woman of chic, sexy and interesting tastes, but I can also enjoy cute and spunky. I find Loyal Army to be just that. The product is cute and cheeky, the website is adorable and the people behind it are sweet. Reminiscent of anime and girly comics, I fell for their graphic hoodies.  

Often I have to run out of my apartment for errands, quick jaunts, walks with the dog plus a hundred other reasons that force me out of my home office in a tube top and leopard leggings (you would not believe the clothes I wear if I am not scheduled to meet with anyone).

For each one of these truly casual occasions, I am at a loss when reaching for a sweater. I don’t own anything plain. My hall way closet is full of hard to clean coats, jackets, cardigans, blazers, ostrich feather shrugs and – whatever. Everything a crazed fashionista would need except a cute sweater I can move easily in and not mind perspiring on.


What a joy to now have these adorable Loyal Army cover-ups! They immediately cheer me up when I slip into them and although the outside of the hoodie feels a bit cheap, the inner fabric is a thin cloud of softness. Girls from 10-35 years young should be able to enjoy these washable girly treats.

Quality factor: The purses are fabulous but flimsy and the hoodies are of medium to low quality but the prices reflect this. I have not felt the t-shirts so anyone who does please let me know if you like the feel of the fabric.

Side Note: Loyal Army Tee-shirts are delightful and available for women, men and children.

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