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How To Shop Online


Using an online shopping site can be tricky. There are extra costs involved, items don’t always look the same in the photo then it does in person and you have to wait for it. But the pros are incredible: shopping in your underwear at your home computer, not being limited to your local mall’s selection and discovering garments and designers you may never have found if not for the internet. Particularly in this technological world that is making online shopping easier, faster and cheaper then ever before, it is becoming an essential tool in keeping your wardrobe up-to-date and unique. 

From ordering clothes from major department stores websites to independent online retailers, you are going to need these tips listed below to ensure you aren’t wasting your time or money when you order that fabulous item you spy on your computer screen.

Tip 1) If the website you are shopping on doesn’t have free shipping already, put this phrase in a search engine, “Free shipping codes for (insert website name here).” At least half the time you will find a code that will get you free shipping.

Tip 2) Take time to thoroughly read every word of the garment’s description. This can include washing details, fabric, closures etc. Are you on board with everything listed? Also, most times the website will list a measurement, like the length of the dress is 33 1/2 inches long. Take that information and then place a measuring tape over one side of your body so you can account for the fabric your bust will raise up. Eyeball where you think the neckline begins and put your finger over it to hold it in place there. Then just drop the tape so that it will behave like fabric (don’t press it flat against your entire side because the dress won’t be tight like that). Look in the mirror and see where 33 1/2 inches hits your leg. Often that measurement will hit you lower than it looks on the model in the dress because the company used someone very tall to wear it. Always keep in mind that the model is usually a size 0-2 and 5’9” or taller. This can make items look better or worse than they would on you.

Tip 3) Use their size chart if it is available and have current measurements of yourself ready or follow their instructions on how to measure yourself.


Tip 4) Don’t buy an item without multiple and detailed photos of it, unless you feel comfortable with taking the risk of wasted shipping costs. With out those zoom tools and multiple angles you’d be surprised what something looks like. It is also essential for the accessory or garment to be modeled by a mannequin or human being for size relation. Otherwise it can turn out to be a whole lot smaller or bigger than you intended.

Tip 5) Call the company with any questions. There are still humans out there waiting for your phone call. Click on the website’s customer service tab and look for their phone number, then call it.

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