Left: Before GE Reveal, Right: AFter GE Reveal

In early 2007, Congress addressed the problem with inefficient light bulbs in the Energy Independence and Security Act. They passed measures to phase out traditional incandescent light bulbs for alternatives that use at least 30 percent less electricity. I’m sure you have heard about it. Maybe you even watched traditional incandescent light bulbs fly off the shelves, not to be restocked. Taking their place has mostly been the compact fluorescent light bulbs. Being environment minded, I have always been interested in the energy efficient bulbs, but I have been really unhappy with their lack of brightness, and weird orange or blue glows. It has seriously bummed me out. It is especially irritating because the bulbs last so damn long. If you select bad lighting you’re stuck with it for ages if you don’t return it to the store. I finally ended up with the least offensive dull bulbs. You can imagine my delight when GE approached me about reviewing their energy efficient Reveal lightbulbs with Halogen technology. Is lighting fashion oriented? Well, you can’t put it on like a pair of pants, but you certainly wear it. When you are covered in bad lighting it can mess with the color and angles of you and your outfit. But more importantly, it affects our mood and nothing is less stylish than a dull spirit.

Pictured is the result: a bright clean white light that most definitely lifts my mood. I’m very pleased. If you want to try, here is a coupon.

Reveal-75-watt-Halogen- packaging

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