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Best Running Shoes For Free Running


blazer: ZARA, tank: BAR 111, jeans: GAP, shoes: Nike

I’ve searched extensively for glorious ballet flats and boots that embody stylish comfort in walking heavy cities like New York and London. It is amazing the collection of beautiful yet comfortable footwear I have acquired, but it turns out stylish footwear deteriorates quickly when you try to, basically, use them like athletic shoes. My AGL’s were not made to lasts numerous hikes across Manhattan and London. Needless to say, it is not cost effective to keep purchasing fashionable flats to use as walking shoes. I have finally accepted that some days do call for an authentic athletic shoe. My shoe search started anew for a cute sneaker. After ten try-on’s I selected Nike’s ‘Free 3.0 v5’ running shoe. The comfort and fit was spot on, but it was the lean shape and bold color that sold me.

When styling my new running shoes, it was important to create an outfit that worked with the tone of the shoes without creating a gym outfit. Inspired by Amid Privelege‘s post, I paired them with rolled up jeans. For the first time in my entire life, I feel stylish in sneakers. This look is perfect for a day of exploring a new city on foot, or working on set. I planned on wearing this on Monday when I dayplayed for the new series, The Last Ship, but ended up going with a warmer outfit as the 5am call time was quite brisk.

This post could end here, but it doesn’t. I packed these cute shoes for my trip to London intending to use them only for stylish purposes, but in my packing frenzy, I forgot to pack my actual running shoes intended for running. When I realized this, I simply threw on the new purple Nike’s and proceeded on my run. It turns out these actually are running shoes. Not only that, the best running shoes I have ever had.

A little background, I have been running for 16 years. The only break I took was when I was thrown from a horse and couldn’t walk, let alone run. Otherwise I run around 3 miles four to six times a week. Throughout my running career, I have tried a lot of different shoes. At one point I was running in shoes from Target and wondered why my feet were hurting. It turns out your shoes matter. And now I really get it. These shoes are incredibly thin and light weight, yet I can’t feel any hard impact from the street. I feel like I am running on air. Another contradiction, you’d think the thinness would be a bad idea in London’s cold, but my feet felt amazingly protected from the chill. The shoes seem to keep your feet at the perfect temperature because when I then switched to San Diego’s unexpected hot weather last week, my feet were still  at the perfect temperature. I am wildly impressed.

Photo Credit: Dayley Photography




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7 Responses

  1. I need a really good walking shoe, so I’ll be trying these. Thank you for the tip 🙂

  2. Claudia de la Rosa says:

    Eres simplemente genial !!!

  3. I recognize that yard 😉

  4. How it happens that I’m only seeing this post now, I don’t know, but THANK YOU! You look great. And I’ve continued to accumulate sneakers:). Latest, a pair of suede Supergas from Barneys.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for stopping by! I am happy to hear about your latest sneaker acquisition 🙂 How did you finally catch my shout to you?

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