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Stylish Gifts for Men on Father’s Day


Working at IBM in the 80’s and 90’s, my Dad wore a tie to work everyday. This inspired our gift ideas for at least 10 years. He occasionally received a DVD or Beatles CD, but generally we stuck to what we knew. Considering most men hate ties, let’s not follow in my siblings and I’s foot steps and branch out this Father’s Day. Here are some fashionable, yet unique gift ideas for Dad this year.

Sperry belt $65

It is incredibly difficult to find a cool grey or navy belt, but Sperry has provided. For the man wearing blue or grey shoes casually, complete him with this gift.


Tie Bar J.Crew $75

In the tie category, but far more inventive, useful and unlikely to be off target in taste. Tie bars and clips keep your tie out of the copy machine, your food and other unwanted places they seem to sway and dip into. If Dad opens this up and looks at you quizzically, tell him it’s supposed to clip the two layers of the tie to the placket of his shirt. It sits between the third and fourth button down from his neck. I love J.Crew’s simple sterling silver tie clip. It stays on and works with any man’s personal style.

Caputo & Co Leather bracelet $68 at Bloomingdale’s

Maybe Daddy is younger, cooler, more adventurous, or in a mid-life- crisis, a leather bracelet is a great way for a fella to try out some new accessories a la Johnny Depp. Although not on their website, Bloomingdale’s has some masculine leather wrap around bracelets for men in the men’s jeans section. Ask a sales associate if needed.


Skeleton Watch Toy Watch $395

Any man with a hint of style will love the exposed happenings of the skeleton watch.

Casual Pants AG $178

The vast majority of my clients, young and old, have no idea what a casual pant is beyond jeans. Wake up his wardrobe with AG’s protege straight leg twill pants. With its 5 pocket style and freakishly forgiving fabric and fit, Dad will be shocked and delighted by the non-jean look.


Tretorn Sneakers $100

Sneakers can be so ghetto, athletic or immature, leaving men feeling out of place in the middle ground of not too dressy, not too casual. That’s why Dad needs some casual sneakers by Tretorn. I adore their stylish ambiance without being dressy. In particular, I recommend the grey boat shoe, which goes perfectly with the Sperry belt above. Feel free to team up with another family member to give Dad both of the grey accessories. It looks amazing with blue jeans or navy casual pants. Bloomingdale’s has a better selection in store at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, but Nordstrom has a better selection of the Tretorn sneaker online.


Sock Subscription About $12/month

Socks may not be the most exciting gift, but what if it keeps giving? If your Dad constantly has mismatched or worn out socks, having a sock subscription could be a delightful errand pre ran for him.

What are you getting Dad this year?

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