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What Should I wear On A Plane?

Whether you are off to Europe, Asia, New York, Australia, a 1-hour flight north, you are getting on a plane and you want to be appropriate for both the flight and the trip ahead of you. For hot weather destinations, I recommend a maxi skirt, a tank top and a soft sweater. I recently put a client in this Bobeau maxi skirt, and I am always putting recommending this Bobeau cape sweater for travel. Each item can be used repeatedly on summer vacation trips, but still keep you warm on the ever freezing plane.

If you are traveling to a bi-polar location with possible rain, chill and heat, I recommend wearing your warmest outfit on the plane. In fact, I always recommend packing at least one outfit for the opposite weather expected. If you are flying to a colder weather destination, pack a sleeveless dress or shorts look, and it is always a good idea to have a summer top at the base of a cold weather outfit. You never know what mother nature has in store and there is always the chance  you walk out of the cold and into an artificially heated room with an overzealous operator.


As for warm weather vacations, I highly recommend wearing a warm outfit on the plane. By wearing pants, lightweight boots or closed toe flats, and a heavier jacket or sweater, you are now prepared for unexpected cold and rain without taking up space in your suitcase. Not to mention that cold plane again, goodness. I recently packed a client for the Riviera and she was dumbfounded when I recommended wearing boots and a chic raincoat on the plane. When I say dumbfounded, I mean she was horrified. I explained I was just in Cannes and despite the warm weather during the day, it rained periodically and I was freezing at night. To convince her this travel outfit had emergency use as well as versatility, I instructed her how to wear the boots with shorts for warm weather days that involve a lot of walking or risks of water and trash stepage. The right boot is far more comfortable than a sandal or simple flat, and far more stylish than proper walking shoes. Then I showed her how to wear the raincoat with her cocktail dresses for nights out that come with rain. Finally, she said okay. She gets back in a week. I am pretty sure she will thank me for the just-in-case flight outfit; although, there is the chance she may hate me for making her carry that rain jacket everywhere.

What do you usually wear when you fly?

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