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Best Skinny Jeans For Women & Best Skinny Jeans For Short Legs

best skinny jeans for fall 2014

J. Brand (Lapis) $163

Whatever your opinion on skinny jeans you need them if you want to wear tall boots this fall. There is no better outfit than skinny leg pants tucked into a pair of fabulous leather boots. Obviously, skinny jeans also go with ballet flats, heels, sandals and more.

One of the best skinny jeans for women is the J Brand’s Maria High-Rise Skinny Leg Jeans. I love the security the high waist gives us. It holds in and smooths our love handles and belly bulge. And I love how it stretches. It moves so comfortably and the denim is so soft. Furthermore, I  love the universal dark blue hues this denim comes in and the fit works with many body types. The only body type these jeans are not loving is the very petite (5′ 0″). The waist of this high-wasited jean (and high-wasited jeans in general) ends up eating up a petite lady’s waist and the knees sag into awkward horse shoe shapes in the back. For your petite stature, AG’s stilt crop jeans are the best skinny jeans for short legs. I ‘m impressed with the fit at the knees and security of the waist. It will hold in unwanted bumps and bulges without reaching to the heavens. Also, because you are petite you can wear boots with these crop pants without a problem. (If taller people wear crop pants with boots, sometimes they can creep out of the boot.) I also adore Paige Verdugo crop for shorter women. It’s all about the crop for women with short legs.

When picking out skinny jeans, remember to try on at least two sizes. You need your jeans snug to prevent any bagging or unflattering drooping at the bum and waist. So many of my clients try on a bigger size, feel comfortable in the roominess and want to walk out the door. Inevitably, this “comfortable” size ends up being uncomfortable with all the pulling up it will need as you go about your day. With all the stretchy softness in denim these days, there is no reason not to get the right size, aka, a snug size. To avoid buying too big, try on the size you think you should wear, and then try on a size down. Feel free to compare them numerous times and walk around the dressing room hallways and try doing some squats. It’s always good to be sure.

best skinny jeans for women

Paige Verdugo Crop $159

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