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Monogrammed Handbags

monogrammed handbag monogram purse

shoes: INC, bag: J.Crew, pants: 7 For All Mankind

My absolute biggest pet peeve and fashion no-no is a heavily branded handbag. Actually, any type of brand showing is too much brand for me. A designer should put their name discreetly inside the bag, not screaming, or even whispering, on the front of the bag. Where we get our bags is between us and the bag. No one else needs to know. When  jerkstores put their name on a bag, it never really becomes my bag. Which brings me to my current obsession: monogrammed handbags. Talk about an “it” bag. This is it! A bag with my name on it, not Michael, Louie or Dooney – my name. I am in serious love with monogrammed handbags, and I adore the bags that include the service. My new carry-on purse is J.Crew’s Downing Tote with my nickname embossed in gold. It is so deliciously and fantastically light-weight, and made of quality, yummy-yet-sturdy leather. I have the deep navy and even though the bag lacks an inside pocket, I am interested in owning that english saddle too. I recommend skipping the red shade – it looks cheap. (The Downing Tote is on sale now with code SHOPNOW. The monogram is an extra $10.)

I have also discovered Williams Sonoma’s shoot off, Mark and Graham. They monogram an incredible array of items including luggage, wallets, and, of course, handbags. A lovely perk is the monogram is  free along with the shipping. I have my eye on the Suede boho tote bag with that lovely outside pocket. I think the black or grey shade looks most chic. The brown is a solid choice, but the shade feels a little too rugged for my general look. As for the monogram style, I think I will go with the single V on this one. I also like the Elisabetta Slouch handbag, and the Everyday Leather Tote. Basically, the website is a monogramed leather heaven.

Photo Credit: Robin Dayley/Dayley Photography

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