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Cole Haan Boots Fall 2013


Cole Haan is kind of my boot bitch. Every fall and winter, Cole Haan makes a boot that I must show a handful of clients as it speaks to numerous personal styles. This year, I am thinking the Air Cara will be my go to brown heeled boot for dressy occasions and cold days you just want to be fabulous. Yes, it has a tall heel, and ordinarily I would only look at it and move on, but Cole Haan makes heels comfortable. Maybe it’s that Nike Air sole, but I think their thicker heel and solid platform is also working in our favor. I say brown, because the black just isn’t doing it for me. The chestnut brown looks luxe, feels fresh and it is that perfect not too dark, not too light brown. It is not going to fade into your brown leggings like some dark boots do.

Those I would advise against this boot is anyone under a 30-inch inseam (shorter legs). With a 15.5 shaft, your legs need to be of average length or longer so it does not bump into your knees. Other than that, the calf circumference has a 15-inch opening that should work fine for skinny calves once they are clothed in pants, and work wonderfully for those with a 14-inch circumference calf. You generally want a boot opening to be about one inch wider than your calf to allow the pant to fit comfortably. If your calf has a circumference of 15-inches or wider, skip this boot. I will recommend some wide calf boots later this season.

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