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 Leith $28

I am trying to please too many clients at once. Often I am forced to take three clients in one day. This is hard on the brain and the body, but I can’t say no to my clients, especially when they have trips planned. Everyone seems to need something for a trip and I am trying my damnedest to get everyone squared away before my own travels to London. All this haste and cramming usually weakens the glory of my service, but not right now. I couldn’t do a bad job if I tried, the shopping is that good. Between the economy on the up and fall being the best season to shop, I highly recommend hitting the stores. People are calling me magic at this point. Here are some of my favorite items available for sale right now.

This freakishly soft lengthy long sleeve tee is absolutely fabulous for my clients looking for tops to go with their leggings and skinny leg pants. I recommend this for average height clients, but it really is long, making it a fantastic option for my tall clients. If you are on the shorter side, pair it with itty bitty shorts and wear it as a mini dress with lots of necklaces. I recommend the shorts as it will surely be dangerously close to exposing your bum due to the light weight of the fabric.


Lucky Brand $59

This Lucky flat has yummy cushion and a luscious feel in general. This a a versatile flat that comes in a bunch of useful colors.

This leather jacket is beyond delicious. The fit is perfectly flattering, the feel is butter, and the color is wildly versatile. It can be paired with earth tones and blacks.


Vince $995

You know how wool itches? Well, J.Crew’s light weight merino v-neck sweater does not. Now, bare with me,  I don’t like wool. I even have a cashmere sweater I regret buying because it really does itch. Still, I am open, so I walk into J.Crew and try on a cutie merino wool something. Immediately upon putting it on, I tear it off my body and stomp it out like a fire because it itched me so much. Then I touched this v-neck sweater pictured below… it must not be wool, I thought, but I was wrong. It is indeed 100% merino wool just like the other sweater I tried on, but it did not itch, at all. Excitement ensues, because now I am one step closer to being warm in London. This also makes me look like a wizard to my clients when I show them the magical, affordable wool sweater that won’t itch them.

J.Crew $79.50

I adore this schoolboy blazer. It is comfortably flexible, fun, and fresh when placed on someone with light colored hair or light skin. This is such a fun piece over a tee and paired with jeans. Heels will dress it up, flats will make you look cool.


Halogen $128 (currently priced at $76.80)

This Lafayette blouse is stunning in it’s printed silk delight. It works on so many clients and can be paired with slacks, jeans, and tucked into high waisted skirts. If interested, order a size down if this is your first time wearing this label. It runs big.


Lafayette 148 New York $328

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