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When To Use Waterproof Mascara

Photo Credit: Total Beauty

I adore waterproof mascara, but it is not for everyday. It can dry out your eyelashes and the effort to remove it can irritate and aggravate the eye and the delicate skin around it. It is also discouraged by doctors if you wear contact lenses. Generally, I wear non-waterproof mascara on shorter work days or if I have been make-up free all day and start getting ready for a night out. This accounts for about half of my make-up life. The rest of the time I am brushing on the waterproof.


I cry in every single movie. I see them so rarely, I sometimes just cry because I am impressed by the cinema, so heading to a movie involves waterproof mascara. As do weddings, and emotional events.

Pool Party, Beach, Rain

It is shocking how well a waterproof Mascara can hold up to water. I have been thrown into a pool and it simply made my eye make-up glisten.

Long Day

On the flip side of avoiding waterproof mascara after 6pm, if I am getting ready for a long work day that falls into late appointments or evening plans, waterproof is my go to. I need stubborn lash decór to stick with me all day.

With all these incredible pros, it is tempting to wear it everyday. If this is the case you especially need a peaceful way of removing the powerful chemical. Standard make-up removers from major make-up companies are controversial. I personally use coconut oil. It is the most simple of the effective ways to remove waterproof mascara. If it feels a bit oily after using it, take a tissue or soft facial cloth, wet it with cold water, and gently wipe the excess off.

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