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The Best White Jeans For Summer 2014

best white jeans for summer 2014

J Brand

The perfect white jean is a straight or skinny leg. It is ankle or heel length, and they are opaque. They are not boot cut because boot cut pants are for boots and thicker, heavier shoes, which I do not like to pair with white jeans. I pair white denim with wedges, sandals, flip-flops, and the occasional flat. I am not pairing them with dark colored footwear, tall boots, booties, low boots, or patent leather anything. As you know, I am not big into the season dictating what we wear, but I do like to keep white jeans in the warmer months to avoid it being paired with these kinds of shoes that are often sported during cold weather. As for our perfect white jeans not being see-thru, that is obvious. There is nothing sensible about a pair of white jeans that show your panties, your pocket silhouette, and cellulite.

Finding this perfect white denim is tough, even for me, so I am happy to report I finally discovered the best white jeans for summer 2014. J Brand’s Maria mid rise white denim in blanc is one of our perfects for a few reasons. The fit is flattering. It eliminates muffin top, butt looks great, and they are pretty opaque. Even with black panties on, no underwear visibility, although I do see a bit of front pocket silhouette. As for the Levi’s, my client purchased these a few seasons ago and I am talking complete obscurity, no pocket silhouette at all. These are a real gem.

If you are wondering what tops to pair with your perfect white jeans, embrace cottons and silks, and avoid anything heavy in color or fabric. Keep it light, fresh, and summery. If you are going to go dark, skip black, and hit up a lighter navy. My favorite colors with white jeans are pastels like lavender, yellow, and light blues. I also like olive green and pinks with it.

best white jeans for summer 2014Levi’s

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