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The Patterned Short Suit For Cooler Days

Vanessa-valienteshort suit: J.Crew, bangles: Ralph Lauren, Wedges: J.Crew, bag: Cole Haan

San Diego is still toasty, while most of the stores are chilling out, literally. They are selling us fall wear and blaring the air conditioning. During fall, San Diego is an interesting temperature that ranges between a light sweat when moving around to “maybe I should have worn pants” when your movements are still. This becomes a problem when stores are still operating like it’s summer (or maybe they just want to encourage sales of the cold weather clothing.) I head to the mall, in professional bare arm looks that feel great in the outdoors, and end up shivering once in the stores. In the summer the chilly air was a great relief from the stifling outdoor heat, but right now the outside is perfect. We don’t need man made machines to alter our body’s temperature. I am not the only one with a cold work environment. Many of my clients have this problem with their office space.

The solution to overzealous air conditioning is lightweight layering. There are a variety of ways to cover-up lightly. An easily folded up cardigan is perfect. Just throw it in your purse when you leave the cold buildings. For a more fun idea, wear a short suit. With fall wardrobe moving in, you will be able to find them on sale at Nordstrom Rack, Loehman’s and other discount retailers that take a lot of the clothing that didn’t sell this summer.

When wearing a short suit, anything goes… you can wear a tank, a blouse, heels, flats, whatever you like. You can dress it up or dress it down, just be ready to be on attention. A short suit is both rare and stylish, inspiring many eyes to connect with your attire.

Photo Credit: Robin Dayley of Dayley Photography



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