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Personal Stylist Purchase – Affordable New York Shopping


When I go to New York I put aside money to shop and shop and I am not talking Stella McCartney or Bloomingdale's. I adore the cheap shopping in New York. Here are my favorite purchases. Pictured above and below are two items from Amsterdam on Broadway. The sparkly butterfly I will pair with black leggings or denim shorts. It has no real purpose in my current wardrobe, but I had to have. The dress below is an easy, printed throw on.


This overpriced polyester breezy orange thing from Variazioni is my favorite purchase of all. It must always have a belt and you can't wear a bra unless you are going for a modest look, in which case I will need a navy under tank to put under it. I tend to go for skin whenever possible, so I will mostly skip the tank, stick on my pasties, a skinny plaid belt or gold belt, bronze heels and wear it out for drinks this weekend.


I adore these earrings! You can find some overpriced versions in Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's or you can stop into Chameleon Designs and pick them up for $20. I will pair them with everything from a top and jeans to fancier pieces like my new orange frock. Obviously the clear ones are more versatile. The pink earrings will be paired with my lavender, pink and blue focused outfits.


This locket was purchased from a street vendor on Spring street. It is handmade and under the label, Urbanrose. It is a magical peice I have put on a long chain and will pair with higher neck tops or plunging necklines. Pictured below are my Forever 21 purchases. I am loving the presence of the terracotta and "Navajo" prints that are available for sale these days. I have been wanting items like this for some time. Finally the stores have fulfilled my wishes. Yea.


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