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Stylish Computer Bags & Computer Sleeves

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I like it pretty. I like things clean and colorful and fun. I don’t want it basic. I don’t want the free thing or the castaway. I want my clients and I to love everything we own and that includes the computer bag. As winter travels creep upon us, the computer bag is going to be put to the test. Personally, my computer bag will be brought out in San Diego’s airport as I wait for my flight to San Jose. It will then be toted from my mom’s house to my best friend’s house to have her computer savvy husband help me with my newly acquired laptop issues. It will then be put on display at my best friend’s parent’s house for that all day hang out session. The bag will then make an appearance in San Francisco’s airport, then toted in New York, then showcased on a bus to Boston and carried in front of my dear friend Katie as well as a handsome gentleman caller, until finally my computer bag makes it’s presence known in another airport on my way back to San Diego. I need this bag to look good. A fashionable woman could use a fashionable computer bag.

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Marc Jacobs





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